Trekka Trekka

The Trekka is the only vehicle designed and manufactured in New Zealand. This occurred between 1966 and 1973, with a total of 2,500 being produced by Motor Industries in Otahuhu, Auckland.

With this in mind, it was the perfect project - find a Trekka for the garden! An auction that fell through provided the perfect second chance and an opportunity not to be missed. As many people enjoyed Easter Eggs, we had a Trekka mission! A road trip to Masterton, some gentle persuasion to move a vehicle that had sat for 30 years and it was heading to it's new home. And so now a true Kiwi icon welcomes you as you drive into Horsepower Inn.

The particular Trekka is a 1967 2-10 model complete with it's original Skoda engine and is only build number 9!

Trekka at Horsepower Inn

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